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Linguist Opportunities

MI5’s mission is to keep the country and its people safe. We work to protect the UK from threats to national security, including from terrorism, espionage and cyber. MI5 works overseas developing foreign contacts and gathering intelligence to counter terrorism, resolve international terrorism, resolve international conflict and help make the UK a more prosperous and safer place to live. MI5 uses its expertise in technology and cyber to collect foreign intelligence which linguists translate and analyse to protect the UK from terrorism, hackers, espionage and proliferation.

Foreign Language Transcription and Translation Opportunities

Your language skills could open a fascinating role in intelligence. The UK intelligence agencies are looking to recruit flexible hours linguists on a contract basis to use rare language skills to provide intelligence insights, working alongside our operational teams. We are interested in hiring contractor linguists to respond quickly and effectively to changing operational demands. This role would ideally complement a portfolio of other employment.

Language Requirements

We currently have flexible hours opportunities for the following languages:

Language Dialect/Country of Origin
Arabic Algeria
Arabic Morocco
Arabic Tunisia
Arabic Yemen
Chechen Chechnya
Mandarin, Cantonese China
Edo Nigeria
Language Dialect/Country of Origin
Tigrinya Eritrea
Sorani Iraq
Russian Russia
Tamasheq Mali, Niger, Algeria, Libya

Language skills

Whether you have developed your language skills at home as you were growing up, whilst living or working abroad or through academic study, you will have a genuine passion for languages.  You’ll thrive on the challenge of applying your language skills in this environment. To ensure you pass our language tests, you will need to be able to comfortably read newspaper articles and understand news broadcasts in the language.  You’ll be able to translate from the language into clear, well drafted English. In addition, you will need to be comfortable understanding and following briefs with minimal supervision, be confident using IT, can interact and communicate effectively, be able to offer cultural insights and background information to provide added value and be able to work at pace maintaining accuracy.          

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